WOD Bars

Energy bars for athletes. Homemade by Blue Owl Treats in the heart of Kitsilano.



Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free energy protein bars made with whole food and natural ingredients. Sweetened naturally with fruit and honey.

Retail Locations:

Sold for $4 each at Crossfit Uncivilized in Kitsilano.


Spring 2016:

-The Coconut Chocolate Cherry: Additional ingredients include dried cherries, Thompson raisins and poppy seeds.

-Almond Blueberry Flax Crunch: Additional ingredients include dried blueberries, flax seed

-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup: Additional ingredients include PB2, dates and flax seeds in place of pumpkin seeds.

-Lavender Honey Coconut

Ingredients: flaky coconut, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, honey, egg whites, vanilla, dairy free chocolate chips, additional variety ingredients depending on bar flavour (listed above).


The Story:

For years I have baked homemade granola bars  for my friends and family to enjoy. I’m happy to say that my granola bars have become favourites among those near and dear to me! The granola bars have nestled snugly in our pockets along many kilometres of hikes, treks and adventures throughout the years. They have fueled us through questionable muddy moments on the West Coast Trail of Vancouver Island and have given us energetic confidence to conquer the peaks of Cathedral Park (to name a few!).

Baking to me is a way of celebrating occasions, be those classy, momentous or adventurous. Some occasions deserve birthday cakes to be decorated as stunning as the birthday girl herself and some require only one tiny cupcake to make someone’s day. I bake granola bars to fuel the heart, body and spirit. These goodies are meant to inspire adventure and keep the explorer’s spark going strong!

Recently, I decided to tweak my staple granola bar recipe to suit the crowd of my fitness family at Crossfit Uncivilized. Say hello to the new WOD-Bar! (Workout of the Day Bar). This granola bar is best enjoyed pre or post-workout as a healthy and energizing snack.

From a personal standpoint, I was tired of being rushed to make myself a proper healthy breakfast after my morning Crossfit class. So often I didn’t have time to make a healthy smoothie or hot meal after class and wound up grabbing a banana as I raced out the door. An hour later I would be weak with hunger and kicking myself for not being more prepared in my morning routine. I decided to craft a granola bar recipe to suit my desire to have a healthy and fast breakfast option post-workout that would be energizing in all the good ways. I am so happy with the way that this recipe turned out. It is delicious, follows all of the Crossfit nutritional requirements (paleo, gluten free, dairy free) and is made from completely natural, whole food ingredients! Time to share it with other people who want the same thing :)

Please see above for a list of all the ingredients that I include in my bars. The first variety is a cranberry chocolate coconut bar. This bar is available in nut free version (no almonds) and a nut version (with almonds). Stay tuned for the next variety!  Coming soon :)