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Paleo Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

For whatever reason, today felt like the right day to make some cookies. Maybe it was Vancouver’s gloomy overcast skies that made me want to stay indoors and bake? Maybe it was a mid-week Wednesday thing? Who knows. What I do … Continue reading

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Coconut Carrot Cake (With Mascarpone Frosting)

Happy Halloween! What have you been up to this weekend? I have been performing with the KSO! It’s been a fantastic weekend spent with some incredible local musicians. I have to say though,

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Healthy Harvest Cookies

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you! Do you have any adventurous plans for your long weekend? This sunshine beaming down on Vancouver today is such a welcome surprise after the forecast for rain. I hope you have the chance to get out … Continue reading

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Puppy Cake

Happy September to you! What are you busy rushing around doing now that the “school year” has begun? Are you continuing the same-old-same-old? Waving early morning goodbyes to your little scholars? Or cracking open the books? I’m feeling over the … Continue reading

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Caveman Banana Bread

What’s your fitness regime? Are you a runner or a biker? A swimmer, a rower or a bit of all the above? :) I identify as a runner! No matter what is going on in a day,

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Blue Owl’s Smartie Cookies

with coconut, walnut and apricot Happy mid-week! What did you get up to over the past few days? I celebrated two of my good friends’ milestone birthdays on Saturday (one quarter century and one big 3-0), went to a huge … Continue reading

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Coconut Cloud Cake

I  always feel odd baking a cake without a special occasion to justify the effort. Cakes are just that kind of dessert!

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