Quarantine Cakes

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Quarantine Cakes

Hey. It’s 9:11pm on April 15, and I just finished a day of well.. hanging around the house. Some of my claims to fame today include watering the garden, calling three of my closest friends on FaceTime and making dinner with my partner at home. How are you doing? That’s a hard question to honestly answer these days, isn’t it? If things are similar under your roof, you have probably spent the better part of the last three weeks staying isolated from those you love in an effort to respect the physical distancing protocols in place for the COVID-19 pandemic. If you happen to be reading this from sometime in the near to distant future, we are currently in day 35 of the pandemic. It’s tough, and at times, the current reality of our lives in the present is infuriating to grasp. We have been told to keep two meters of distance between ourselves and others in public. Limited numbers of customers can enters shops at a time to restrict the possible contagion of the virus. We have been discouraged from all non-essential travel.

It’s hard not to be able to touch the sweet skin of my baby nephew. It’s heart-wrenching not to be able to visit my Grandmother in North Van knowing that she is currently isolated in her care home under lock-down and probably feeling extremely lonely.  I can’t deny the feelings of relief however. Relief that all my family is safe and in good health even through some members of my immediate clan have in fact faced the virus personally. My heart goes out to those who haven’t been so lucky. As they keep telling us, and despite the contagion of loneliness that is stalking this virus with baited breath, we aren’t alone truly because we are all in this together.

In an effort to connect with others and bring joy to the community during these unusual times, I’ve decided to take matters into my hands and to create some joy and give back in the best way I can think of– cakes of course. Because one thing that we can all agree on right now is that butter cures all anguish. Baking is definitely something that will bring a little more light and love into the hearts of humanity right now.

Announcing Blue Owl Treats’ Quarantine Cake deliveries. Order a lemon cake, a vanilla cake, or a chocolate cake and make it customized for any individual, occasion, or circumstance. Heck, donate it to the grocery clerk down your street if you like who is pulling all strings to make sure that the store is kept sanitized. Or to the health care workers keeping strangers safe. I will bake the cake and then deliver it in a safe and respectful manner.

For more information on the Quarantine Cakes or to order one of your own, visit this form.  Be in touch and help spread the love. I’ve got you covered.

Love, Blue Owl

PS: Three photos to document the present normal: Photographic evidence of the bamboo romper that I am living in all day every day, lineups to access the grocery store, my daily entertainment aka my cat, and my quarantine passion for creating #latteart and humble bragging it on my Instagram. Don’t follow me if you aren’t interested in more of this kind of content! ;)

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