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The Coastal Toque

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fantastic holiday. What did you get up to? If you’re like me, your days off were probably filled with delicious food, snow and laziness. With a little bit of those three things, our start … Continue reading

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The Infinity Cowl

Time has a famous way of rushing past like sand through a sieve. Do you ever get that feeling? On busy days, something as simple as a mug of coffee, a favourite-song-break or a lunch date can be all you … Continue reading

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The Laurel Headband

Happy Monday! What did you get up to this past week? Things are getting chillier in Vancouver and it feels like old man winter is about to knock on the door! (haha.. remember that annoying ad?)

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The Jersey Toque

November’s tomorrow–Sharpen those knitting needles and fluff up your wool!

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The Winterfell Cowl

As the Stark family is known to say, “Winter is coming.” Well, in the land of direwolves and white walkers it is. In reality, the crocuses are blooming and the days are getting longer. What a relief! Spring has sprung, but … Continue reading

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Mug Hug

Happy new month! 

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Knitting 101

This past weekend  I volunteered at a CISV mini camp out at Camp Alexandra in White Rock.

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