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This past weekend  I volunteered at a CISV mini camp out at Camp Alexandra in White Rock. CISV is an international organization that offers kids 10-18 the opportunity to travel, learn about world cultures and peace initiatives. Incredible, right?

Observing the way the kids discussed some big issues in our world today at the camp last weekend (human rights, gun control, abortion) made me wish that I had been involved with this organization at their age. They were incredibly articulate, well informed and brave speaking their opinions in front of their peers. Some of them were only 10 speaking up about these huge issues! It was so inspiring! I’m thinking about being a CISV leader this summer, which means I might take a gaggle of kidlets to a far off land from home– Greece? France? At the camp this summer, we will meet others their age from CISV chapters around the world. I can’t wait to see what comes of it all!

I had a great time last weekend meeting new people from this fantastic organization, and spending time with the kids (love kids!) One thing that blew me away about CISV was that everyone felt comfortable in each other’s company. There was so much acceptance, and respect for everyone. A lot of love!


While sitting around in the lounge one day getting to know the kids, I noticed someone’s knitting project lying ignored on a couch. I’ve taken a brief hiatus from crafting since the Christmas rush, but one of my favourite crafting hobbies is definitely knitting.  Seeing the knitting project at CISV inspired me to get the ball rolling on my own knitting projects that are tucked away at home feeling lonely.

Since this is my first knitting post, I thought what better way to start than by including a simple knitting how-to video for anyone intrigued by the idea. Yay videos!

I LOVE knitting and want to share with you how easy, relaxing and satisfying it can be. Essentially it is the same stitch over and over again, with only little modifications now and then. So simple! Don’t be scared beginners!

Video Recap:

A beginner knitter’s supplies:

1. Knitting needles. Start big! (Size 8-10 mm recommended.)
2. Wool. Not too thick. A nice bold colour (red/blue recommended) 

Great Wool Stores in Vancouver by Neighbourhood:

1. UBC: Urban Yarns : 4437 West 10th avenue
2. Dunbar: A Touch of Wool: 4273 Dunbar Street
3. Kits: Gina Brown’s Yarn: 3424 West Broadway
4. South Granville: Maiwa Supply: 3-1333 Johnston Street, Granville Island
5. Main Street: Three Bags Full: 4458 Main Street
6. Downtown: Dressew:  337 Hastings Street.

Online Wool Communities/Resources for Vancouverites:

1. Vancouver Yarn: This is an awesome website constructed for all those Vancouverites curious about knitting. If you’re confused or curious about something I’ve mentioned, check out this site. I’m sure they will have the answer. They also have a great directory of wool shops in the GVRD that  I haven’t mentioned.

2. RavelryMany people nowadays find their knitting patterns online. is a great website to get ideas and all it requires is creating your free account. I use revelry all the time and the best part about it, is you can save patterns that you like in a folder and come back to them later. Patterns are usually available for purchase (cheap <10 usually) with a PayPal account.


It’s Mr. Owl from the Video!

Better How-To Knit Videos/Instruction than my rambly version!

1. Wiki-HowGreat pictures and step-by-step instructions

2. Martha!! (Martha knows best, right)

3. YouTube: This is a great video that gets nice and close up. The hands also stay still. And it’s got a funky beat. She teaches casting on in a different style than I did however. That’s okay! Both work fine.

I hope you enjoyed my Knitting 101 post and are inspired to delve into the art of knitting yourself. More crafty projects coming soon!

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Welcome! I am Heather, a musician, baker, and teacher living in beautiful Vancouver, BC! I use this blog to share my love for baking and the odd DIY or crafting project. Enjoy!
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