Note that at this time all cake orders are paused with the exception of Quarantine Cake orders.

Currently accepting orders until the end of July 2020.


Quarantine Cake FAQ

What is it?

A quarantine cake is a homemade cake made by yours truly (Blue Owl!) at home. The cakes are all 6 inches in diameter and three tiers filled with buttercream and deliciousness. They are perfect for up to about eight people to enjoy (maximum eight slices). You can pick one of three flavours: lemon butter, vanilla yellow butter, or chocolate. Cakes are also available in vegan options, but no gluten free or sugar free.

Who should get one? 

If you are in need of a cheer-up, or if a special calendar date is on the horizon, if you want to celebrate someone you love, brighten someone’s day, or thank an essential worker for all that they’re doing during the pandemic, then this cake fits the bill. All you have to do is tell me what you want and I will take it from there!

How are you staying sanitized?

Blue Owl Treats is following the BCCDC’s guidelines for cleaning, sanitizing, and safety protocols.

Can I customize the cake decoration and design by showing you a photo of a cake I saw on social media?

Short answer: Sorry,  but my answer to this is a polite no.

Long answer: I want to be able to use the highest quality ingredients to make the best product, and unfortunately adhering to custom design requests just won’t be possible for these cakes given the time they already take, and the demand for quarantine cakes at this time. I have narrowed own the flavour choices to three: lemon, chocolate, and vanilla. They are all so delicious! Please follow me on @blueowltreats for examples of my designs, or see the photos below. You can trust beautiful artistic liberty from my end! :)

What is the price break-down for the cake?

I try to reflect in the price-point of $65 a cake that will be the absolute best quality product for those ordering cakes from me. A cake takes a ton of patience and care to create and decorate and yet I want it to be an approachable price for every-day celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. It takes me about six hours to make one cake from start to finish plus grocery shopping and delivery (if required). Hopefully that helps you understand the price-point!

Delivery or Pick-Up? If you choose pick-up, cake will be ready for pick-up from my East Van home on your specified pick-up date. Heather will send you a message when your cake is ready for pick-up. Her address is 1325 East 17 ave in East Vancouver.

If you choose delivery, your cake can be delivered to anywhere in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, or Richmond with a delivery fee. In the form below, specify that you’d like delivery and specify your preferred delivery time, the delivery location/address as well as the recipient’s name and contact phone number. See below for price breakdown. Heather will send you a message day-of when the cake is ready for delivery. Specify ahead of time what preferred delivery range is please.

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Steps for ordering a Quarantine Cake:

Please fill out the form below with the following information (copy and paste the below steps into the form please)

  1. Specify your preferred order date, cake variety (vanilla, lemon, or chocolate), cake recipient, celebration/purpose for cake (if any).
  2. Specify whether you’d like delivery or pick-up. Additional charges are made for delivery calculated by address (see below)
  3. Pay up-front by e-transfer to heatherbeaty7@gmail.com (sorry no credit card). All cakes are $65 plus delivery fee if necessary. Please add delivery fee to order total. For pick-up, come to Heather’s home at 1325 East 17 ave once you receive a confirmation on day-of that the cake is ready.
  • East Vancouver: Boundary to UBC $10
  • Richmond, Burnaby, North Van, West Van: $15

Note: Quarantine Cake orders must be made with at least 3 days notice. No cake orders are currently being accepted on weekends, however if you want a cake on the weekend, order it for the Friday prior, and it will stay fresh if stored in your fridge!

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