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DIY Flower Crown

Care to don a flower crown my fair lady? Well if you’re like me and have been noticing delicate floral accessories encircling pretty ladies’ locks as of late, I have some great news for your inner princess: You can make one … Continue reading

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The Coastal Toque

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fantastic holiday. What did you get up to? If you’re like me, your days off were probably filled with delicious food, snow and laziness. With a little bit of those three things, our start … Continue reading

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DIY Kitchen Canisters

Well HELLO again! After a month blog-cation, I’m stoked to be back. Feeling all fired up and ready to share some delish recipes and crafty ideas with you! Hard to believe it’s been a month

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The Laurel Headband

Happy Monday! What did you get up to this past week? Things are getting chillier in Vancouver and it feels like old man winter is about to knock on the door! (haha.. remember that annoying ad?)

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The Jersey Toque

November’s tomorrow–Sharpen those knitting needles and fluff up your wool!

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D.I.Y. Chalkboard

As the weather chills and the days shorten, most of us find ourselves cozying up indoors for more hours in the day. I love the signature moments fall allows for us to curl up with

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DIY Moleskine Journal

Do you keep a journal? I always have! I am the kind of girl who still carries around dog-eared day planners, notebooks and diaries each filled with messy handwriting and notes. Call me old fashioned, but I think that there … Continue reading

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Rustic Herb Box

Do you have a green thumb? When I was around seven years old my dad described my grandpa as having a green thumb. It sounded so magical, almost as if he had a special power. But what did it mean?

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DIY: Lost At Sea Bottle

If you could travel anywhere in the world right this moment, where would you go? I could probably narrow it down to a handful of places (I’m so indecisive!) but all my dream destinations would be near the sea. I … Continue reading

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D.I.Y. Stamp

Happy Monday! I hope you had a weekend full of lucky charms, tasty brews and sleep-ins. Now back to the good old 9-5 grind. Here’s a fun, fast DIY craft to get your creativity flowing for the week ahead:

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