DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown

Care to don a flower crown my fair lady? Well if you’re like me and have been noticing delicate floral accessories encircling pretty ladies’ locks as of late, I have some great news for your inner princess: You can make one too for your royal tête. And it’s dead easy.


DIY Flower Crown

Flower crowns seem to be all the rage this summer. They are whimsical, carefree and naturally beautiful. Whether you’re heading to a music festival, a wedding or want to make a garland for your favourite bride-to-be,  I’m here to give you the down-low on this summer’s hottest DIY project!

DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown


24 gauge green floral wire 
floral tape (you can buy some here)
floral wire cutters
leafy greens
flowers (real of faux, your choice!)

DIY Floral Crown


1. Cut a length of floral wire to form a loose circle around the crown of your head. Rest it atop your head to make sure it fits comfortably, but not too tight. Double wrap the loop so that it is a sturdy but not stiff circle.

2. Fasten shut the wire ends by wrapping them together, then tape the circle shut with your floral tape. Gently wrap the floral tape all the way around the wire so that the circle is smooth.

DIY Flower Crown

3. Choose your greenery and flowers. If you’re using real flowers, cut them with plenty of stem, about three inches at the minimum. You can always trim the stems afterwards with your wire cutters. Fill your crown with lush greenery to provide a solid beginning to your garland. This will act as the base to your crown.

4. Tape the flowers and greenery to your crown with the floral tape. Wrap the tape around the stem and the circle about four to five times to secure your crown together. Use a mixture of colours and textures to create a beautiful look!

DIY Flower Crown

So how did it go? To be honest, there’s no wrong way to make a flower crown! Depending on your look, the event, or your hairstyle, there are so many ways of going about it. I hope you have fun getting creative with your design. Need ideas? This Pinterest page is a great start for getting inspired. Once you’re all done and have this baby framing your pretty little face I promise you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!

DIY Flower Crown

So I’m curious– where will you wear your crown?  Is it for you or is it a gift for someone special in your life? I made this crown for my sister’s stagette weekend and I think that she absolutely loved it. It was a stunning accessory for her to wear as the bride-to-be on our adventure picnic hike to Cheakamus Lake.  Now I’m looking forward to making my crown #2 (for me! hehe)..I’m thinking of going for this look! What do you think?

The final product!

DIY Flower Crown

It’s hard to believe that the next time I post will be in September, and by then the leaves may be turning! What are you planning on doing this month ahead for our last couple weeks of summer? Will you be travelling anywhere new? I’m excited (but kind of nervous!) to go here on Friday.

DIY Stagette

Take care. I hope you have a wonderful month ahead full of adventure, health and happiness.

PS: I’m thinking of going to this Vancouver event that is causing quite the stir!!

PPS: Hilariously awkward!

PPS: Jollifiers for your home. :)


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