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Chocolate Pear Tart

Simple, beautiful and delicious: The three most important qualities for a successful baking project. It doesn’t always turn out that way however. We’ve all been there.. elbow deep in cookie dough on step eleven of some fussy recipe. The Kitchen Aid mixer is blasting … Continue reading

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Chocolate Hazelnut Holiday Brownies

Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers down south! What are your plans this weekend? I’m looking forward to soaking up some of Vancouver’s crisp sunny weather and to hanging out with my

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Chocolate Dipped Doughnuts

So I caved and bought something gimmicky: A doughnut pan

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Lemon Hefeweizen Cake

  Hello Spring! Since Blue Owl’s last post, Vancouver has seen some beautiful changes come to pass. We’ve bid adieu to short winter days in exchange for 6am sunrises. Blue skies have once again burst on the scene, cherry trees have blossomed in full … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Brownies

How to begin deciding what you want to bake? It’s always a tricky one for me. Usually I just want to bake.

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