Milk Chocolate Ganache Cake


Good morning. :) I feel so sleepy today under the low-pressure cloudy skies after such an incredible weekend of sunshine and the outdoors. What did you get up to over August Long? Continue reading

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Champagne Celebration Cake


Happy sunny Sunday to you wherever you may be. :) How’s your day going? I feel like I hardly did anything this weekend except for lounge about (shh)! So if you got out and about, you beat me. I had an incredibly lethargic morning today with a Continue reading

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Lavender Olive Oil Cake

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This July my family welcomed our first 4th-generation member, a little baby boy. I have never experienced such a profound feeling of awe, wonder and love in a single moment. Oh, to be an aunt! I have a lifetime ahead Continue reading

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Time for Cake


Cake Collage

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Those darn storm clouds kept lingering around Vancouver’s skies with intermittent showers all weekend long! Continue reading

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Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

IMG_4346Vancouver, I hope you had a brilliant weekend!!  It was the warmest of the year according to

Continue reading

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Paleo Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

IMG_4308For whatever reason, today felt like the right day to make some cookies. Maybe it was
Vancouver’s gloomy overcast skies that made me want to stay indoors and bake? Maybe it was a mid-week Wednesday thing? Who knows. What I do know, is that Continue reading

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Chocolate Pear Tart


Simple, beautiful and delicious: The three most important qualities for a successful baking project. It doesn’t always turn out that way however. We’ve all been there.. elbow deep in cookie dough on step eleven of some fussy recipe. The Kitchen Aid mixer is blasting on full speed and beads of sweat are dripping down our brows from attempts to maintain masterful multi-tasking. It doesn’t help that the kitchen is slowly turning into a Norwegian sweat-lodge as oven temperatures escalate in conjunction with our blood pressure levels. Continue reading

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