Blue Owl!


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Blue Owl Treats! I am very excited to start contributing to blogland and to making this blog a place to find inspiring and creative ideas. I have never really felt the need to blog in the past, I guess I find it weird writing about myself? I haven’t gone on any exciting exotic trips? I am lazy? Well it’s time to join the club.

First two things you should know about me: I love to make things. A lot. Things like baked goods, and crafty gifts that don’t really have any purpose whatsoever, except to pass on that warm fuzzy feeling. I also love to take photos of the little do dads I make, I guess it’s my way of memorializing the things I create, so voilĂ  time to start blog! Blue Owl Treats will mostly be a baking blog, but every now and then I will post about some odd little crafty thing created for the pure enjoyment of joy!

On rainy Vancouver days, I love to curl up with a cookbook and dream about future baking projects. Since I was a little girl, baking always filled me with wonder and delight. I guess the thought of creating something beautiful from only a handful of simple ingredients always amazed me. I now find myself using any excuse to get out my supplies and craft together a delectable delight to share, surprise and enjoy with those special people in my life. (My boyfriend likes this a lot)

I hope you get some great ideas for your own baking or crafting projects through Blue Owl Treats. Looking forward to sharing and making many delectable, decadent sweets in the upcoming months!

Scrumptiously, Heather

About Blue Owl Treats

Welcome! I am Heather, a musician, baker, and teacher living in beautiful Vancouver, BC! I use this blog to share my love for baking and the odd DIY or crafting project. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to Blue Owl!

  1. you are just amazing heather! Love the style of Blue Owl! can’t wait for more great posts :)

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